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Anatomy of female power: A masculinist dissection of by Chinweizu

By Chinweizu

Anatomy of woman Power--Powerful and needs to read!!

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Of these, economic commitment is centra The applicant must be taught to habitually devote his earnings t maintaining her nest and herself. All other feeders at his trough mus be banished; those not banishable (like his parents, siblings, relative and close friends), will have their access to his income minimized. If h 52 is the generous type, his impulse must be curbed, and he must be trained, if need be, to hand his pay packet directly to her each payday. As part of his economic training, a not-so-rich man might be required to give up smoking, drinking and gambling, and any other "vice" through which he might "fritter away" his income.

For example; . according to Ambrose Bierce, love is "a temporary 35 for the sake of accuracy, he should have insanity curable by marriage,,; qualified that by the opening phrase "In men,". Similarly, when Francis 36 he should Bacon remarked: "It is impossible to love and be wise,,, have added the opening phrase "For a man,". Likewise, the saying "love is blind" should be taken as shorthand for "a man in love is blind to his best interests". None of these remarks applies to women. A woman in love is far from insane; she is anything but unwise or blind to her interests.

The woman would by then have filed her title to his labours at the court I' ·gistry or the church altar. There being no refund clause in the marriage contract, he could not ask for release from his sworn obliga- 55 tions to his new boss, no matter how lou,sy she proved in bed, no matter if she proved incapable of bearing children. The motherly care tactic is based on the christianly notion that she who would be your queen, let her be your house servant. Accordingly, the woman maneuvers to take over her suitor's cooking, house cleaning and house keeping.

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