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An ounce of prevention, a pound of uncertainty: the by Jonathan Caulkins

By Jonathan Caulkins

Within the warfare on medicines, little ones are at the entrance traces. is simply asserting no safety sufficient? The authors study the result of well known tuition drug prevention courses to figure out how potent they're at decreasing cocaine use and no matter if those courses are funds good spent, compared to drug-enforcement or drug-treatment courses.

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11. Base Estimates and Ranges of Effect, Discounted and Undiscounted, for All Drugs Considered 175 Page xix Summary Of the various possible approaches toward alleviating America's problems with illicit drugs, the greatest emphasisin both political rhetoric and dollars allocatedhas long been placed on enforcement against traffickers, dealers, and users. Recently, however, public-opinion polls have shown strong support for preventioneven a preference in some cases. But how effective is prevention?

S. borders, treatment of users, and efforts intended to prevent use. They currently cost about $40 billion a year across all levels of government in the United States. This is a lot of money, but drug consumption remains at levels many find unacceptable. To achieve better results, either the allocation of funds across the different drug control strategies needs to be reexamined or even more money is needed in total. When public officials decide how to allocate funds across drug control strategies, they must take many things into account.

For example, how does drug prevention stack up against other programs unrelated to drug use? After all, when new money becomes availablewhether through unexpected surpluses or through a lower level of need for certain programsthere are many claimants for the new funds. Why should the money be spent on drug preventionor enforcement or treatmentinstead of on primary-grade class-size reduction, imprisonment of violent offenders, or subsidization of AIDS treatment? Comparing such different programs re- Page 6 quires comparing their outputsreduced drug consumption, a better educated citizenry, reduced crime, a higher quality of life for persons with AIDS.

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