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Alloy and Microstructural Design by John K. Tien

By John K. Tien

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These alloys offer corrosion resistance as well as strength at ele­ vated temperatures. A new approach to the design of high-temperature nickel alloys that appears promising is to superimpose dispersion hardening and the tra­ ditional forms of superalloy hardening.

Structure), (b) Widmanstatten a. + β structure. 50 51 77 High-Strength Nonferrous Alloys where K K , o" , and η are constants. Measurements of the strain rate sensitivity of the flow stress for a wide range of alloys have shown that the strength increases with increasing aspect ratio of the discontinuous phase (Paton, 1974; Chesnutt and Williams, 1974b). For example, Wid­ manstatten a + β structures are stronger than equiaxed a + β struc­ tures as shown by Fig. , 1974b). This is suggested to be related to an increased difficulty for "grain switching" in the high grain-aspect-ratio microstructures.

2 Thus, its motion is impeded not only by lattice friction but also by a force γ per unit length. However, if dislocations move as pairs, the force γ resisting the motion of the leading dislocation is exactly balanced by the repulsive force from the trailing dislocation. The equal and opposite repulsive force acting on the trailing dislocation is exactly balanced by the force resulting from the annihilation of the APB. Thus a pair of dis­ locations moving in an ordered phase experiences no additional resis­ tance due to the creation of an APB.

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