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Alcohol and Opium in the Old West: Use, Abuse and Influence by Jeremy Agnew

By Jeremy Agnew

This publication explores the position and impact of drink and medicine (primarily opium) within the outdated West, which for this booklet is taken into account to be the USA west of the Mississippi from the California gold rush of the 1840s to the remaining of the Western Frontier in approximately 1900. this era was once the 1st time in American background that heavy consuming and drug abuse grew to become an immense social predicament. ingesting was once thought of to be an accredited pursuit for males on the time. Smoking opium was once thought of to be deviant and linked to teams at the fringes of mainstream society, yet opium use and habit via ladies used to be standard. This e-book offers the heritage of either components and the way their use unfold around the West, at the start for medicinal purposes--but how overuse and abuse resulted in the Temperance stream and finally to nationwide Prohibition. This booklet stories the old truth of alcohol and opium use within the outdated West with no bias.

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The flowers of the opium poppy are traditionally white, so the plant is sometimes referred to as the “white poppy,” but the blooms can also occur as pink, crimson, blue, or purple. The flower lasts for only two to four days, then the petals drop off and the remaining seed pod grows to the size of a golf ball. This pod is known as the capsule, bulb, or poppy-head. After the petals are gone, the capsule can be tapped to extract the opium. The alkaloids are produced in the plant only during a period of ten to twelve days when the pod is ripening.

Even in the face of this defeat and massive loss of lives, the Chinese did not surrender, so the British advanced towards Peking. To avoid a repeat of the massacre at Canton, the Chinese finally capitulated. On June 26, 1858, both countries signed the Treaty of Tientsin, which legalized the traffic in opium in China. The predictable result was, of course, a further spread of addiction. Opium Haunts Britain Opium was important for Britain in their overseas economy. The British East India Company, however, supplied not only China but also Britain with opium.

Intoxicating Beverages As the Spanish moved north from their conquests in Mexico in 1539 in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold that were thought to lie somewhere in New Mexico, they found that intoxicating beverages had preceded them. The local natives were making fermented drinks from various fruits and cactus plants (notably the agave cactus), and even the seeds of the mesquite tree. Maize, which was an important local cereal crop, was commonly used to make a type of beer. PULQUE , TEQUILA AND MESCAL The alcoholic beverage that was the most popular was pulque, a drink handed down to Native Americans from the Aztecs.

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