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Aircraft performance by Maido Saarlas

By Maido Saarlas

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The maximum velocity occurs at the sea level. 2. The ceiling is found from the condition where Pa and Pr curves are tangent to each other and it occurs at only one velocity— usually near V(L / D)max for that altitude. 5 Turboprop Engines A turboprop engine develops both jet and propeller thrust. A typical turboprop derives about 80 to 85 percent of the power from the shaftpropeller combination. The remaining fraction comes from the jet thrust (see Appendix D for T-56 engine data). Thus, according to the preceding sections, turboprop aircraft performance could be developed either in terms of power or in terms of thrust.

The exponent, m has been assumed to be unity, as the ceiling was expected to occur at an altitude higher than 36,000 ft. In a later section in Chapter 4, where the rate of climb is studied, the ceiling can be determined more accurately since the ceiling can also be defined as the location where the rate of climb is zero. 5, where Ta and D are plotted as functions of VE. 5, which is commonly called the flight envelope. At this point, the graph of Vmin and Vmax represents, at a given thrust rating, only the theoretical steady, level flight boundary of an aircraft.

54) where the positive sign is used for maximum velocity and negative sign for minimum velocity. It should be noted that Ta represents any available thrust (at a given throttle setting) at an altitude and is assumed to be independent of velocity in Eqs. 54. Thus, Eq. 54 avoids the curve-fitting process to determine the constants m, To, A, and B in Eqs. 34 and may seem to yield somewhat more accurate results. However, if thrust shows appreciable variation with velocity as is more often the case, the calculation process may turn out to be rather laborious and iterative to determine the correct value of Ta for use in Eq.

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