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Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I by Hun Guo, Zuo Dunwen, Tang Guoxing

By Hun Guo, Zuo Dunwen, Tang Guoxing

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To the stress in the cutting edge, all the pyramidal tools are nearly equivalent except the D-type. To the Pyramidal D-type tool, the stress in the root of cutting edge is the highest, and others are approximately equal. Because of the pyramidal structure, the advantages of high strength of Hexagonal doesn’t embody obvious, which also indicates that using the pyramidal structure can improve the strength of micro-milling tool head. Compared from Figure6 and Figure7, it can be seen that the maximum stress of prismatic tools is ten times larger than the pyramidal tools’, and the area of the maximum moves from the root of cutting edge to the knife nose, thus effectively enhancing the strength of tool head, extending the tool life.

The significance of the collet is its reconfiguration. When clamping the worpieces with the plat surface, the plat surface of the majority column is turned out, and when clamping the worpieces with the cylindrical surface, the cylindrical surface of the majority column is turned out too. 6 the assemble picture of the second design Assemble picture and working principle. 6. From it, the device can be seen that it is combined with the rotational disc, telescopic pole, and the majority column. When pole three is rotating, the distance between the two collets will change.

1 The different designs to output force with the slide driven by SMA spring Force Transferring. 2) to transfer the force. 2, pole 2 is composed of a rectangle bar and a disc with several postioning holes which are used to orientate. In order to reduce cost, they are connected with weding. Pole 2 is used as a lever and the fixed hole is shown, so the pole 2 can’t be rotational. 3. When pole 3 reaches the given angle, it can be fixed with pole 2 through the several hinges. A “Z” shape pole is welded with the disc.

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