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Addiction to love: Overcoming obsession and dependency by Susan Peabody

By Susan Peabody

A seminal paintings on bad and obsessive behaviors in love, and the way to alter habit to have a good courting. This 3rd version encompasses a new creation and revisions to the textual content throughout.
Some indicators of affection dependancy comprise love at the start sight, over the top fantasizing, irregular jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty.
Even relationships with mom and dad, youngsters, siblings, or associates can be addictive dependency isn't really constantly on the topic of romantic love.

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However, in my opinion, two-way addictions are unhealthy. This is because the lovers are totally dependent on one another. Their partnership is a life or death matter. They have fallen in love overnight, begun fantasizing excessively about each other, and allowed the relationship to be the only focus of their life. Addicted lovers feel all the dysfunctional emotions associated with obsession. This includes intense jealousy and an abnormal fear of abandonment. There is also a lot of controlling, and neither partner is developing as an individual.

It tends to make a child insecure and hungry for acceptance. Few children can escape the after-effects of an unhealthy interruption of the dependency bond, the lack of proper parental nurturing, or inadequate interactions with their peers. Instead they grow up lacking in self-esteem and hungry for love. This, in turn, predisposes them to become love addicts or to become easily obsessed with someone who holds for them the promise of “living happily ever after” by way of “true love”—even when they find out that a kiss never really awakens Sleeping Beauty or turns a frog into a prince.

Recovery for love addiction is still the same today as it was when I first wrote this book. You must face your shortcomings, get help, heal the wounds of your childhood, build self-esteem, and end relationships when they are abusive or not meeting your primary needs for an extended period of time. This is still a tedious process and takes hard work. ” Today, however, there are more recovery support groups to choose from and even clinics that treat love addiction. org). Although there are only a few groups across the country at this time, Love Addicts Anonymous offers a safe place for love addicts to recover under the umbrella of the 12-steps and I expect this program will grow as people learn about it.

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