According to the Scriptures;: The sub-structure of New by C. H. Dodd

By C. H. Dodd

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15. 11. It is the last of these which gives signs of occurring in a context which early Christian thinkers regarded as a source of testimonial. 1, the great tribulation; cf. 19, fairly close verbally. 28-29. 43. 24. 12, µακάριος ὁ ὑποµένων; cf. 13. 13, εἰς συντέλειαν ἡµερῶν (closing words of the book); cf. 20 (closing words of the gospel). vii and are to be added to the list of scriptures which were early selected as sources of testimonial. In addition to these portions of Joel, Zechariah and Daniel, there are two isolated passages of Malachi which are taken up in the New Testament.

2 would suggest. ] The scriptures we have so far reviewed have all the same general "plot," with manifold variations. They describe that supreme crisis of history which Joel, like other prophets, calls the Day of the Lord. It is the intervention of God in history to achieve His purpose for His creation. This intervention takes the form of judgment upon the evil things in history, and the establishment of a people of God, through whom all nations will come under His everlasting and beneficent reign.

14). 10 may be a further reminiscence. 6, and his titles, and especially the announcement of his peaceful reign, would have afforded testimonies; but it is not so. The most we can say is that some traits of the child born to be king in this passage have entered into the generalized picture of the Messiah Son of David which is presupposed in the development of early Christian thought, though it is not its dominant strain. 1-7 among the scriptures which afforded primitive testimonies. The rest of chapter ix is alien.

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