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The gas pressure drop across the packed bed should be properly controlled and it should not be so high that the tower reaches flooding conditions during operation. That is the column must operate over a definite range of gas and liq rates so that the column does not flood with load variations. Over and above, the column is operated at a sufficiently high liq rate in order to attain satisfactory wetting of the packing. Low liq rates entail the risk of partial wetting of packing surface, which means reduction in gas-liq contact resulting in loss in both tower capacity and packing efficiency.

Foo....... ~ ~ ....... ::;::;- ~~ 10 v/ ,...... ~ -,- -- 200 ~)1 ~ o. ~ ~ ""V .... ....... V u. 0 400 -- - 600 1 000 ........ I-'" ~ 1--'- ~ ....... fo'" ~~ ......... 1-'" ..... ..... V ......... ,/ ....... ",.. 8 V I"~ 1/ J J 30 / 'I 2000 ~ - I-- 4000 6000 10,000 Yi- K xi Yo- K xi Fig. 3. Material Balance in a Countercurrent Packed Bed Absorber Fig. 4. Colburn's Correlation for Absorber Design. P. 33 (1941)J. In[(I- m. G 1- m Gs Ls Y s ) Yb -1llXt t - mxt 1 + m. G Ls s] Ls ... 124 A) The number of transfer units can be obtained straightway from [NTU] O,G vs.

H p,x = where, Yn Yn+l Y*n ... 68) Y n -Y n +l xn-l - Xn X n -l- x * ... 69) n mean composition of the vapor stream rising from the n-th plate = mean composition of the vapor stream reaching the n-th plate from the tray below. = composition of the vapor in equilibrium with the liquid leaving the n-th plate. The point & plate efficiencies are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a plate. 36 Absorption & Stripping or, Driving force at a given point on the n-th real plate Driving force at the same point on the n-th ideal plate TJ o = TJM = Driving force on Drivingforce on the n-th real plate the n-th ideal plate Overall Tray Efficiency (TJ) : is the efficiency of the entire column (TJ).

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