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A Treasury of Mahayana Sutras: Selections from the by Garma C.C. Chang

By Garma C.C. Chang

The Maharatnakuta Sutra is likely one of the 5 significant sutra teams within the Mahayana canon. Of the 2 nice faculties of Buddhism, Mahayana has the best variety of adherents around the globe -- it prevails one of the chinese language, eastern, Koreans, Tibetans, and Vietnamese -- and comprises inside it a couple of hobbies, particularly Zen, which were of transforming into curiosity within the West in contemporary a long time.

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M anjusri said, “So it is, so it is, as you say. " Mafijusri said, “T h e five aggregates constitute w hat w c call the m undane world. O f these, the aggregate o f form has the nature o f accumulated foam, the aggregate o f feeling has the nature o f a bubble, the aggregate o f conccption has the nature o f a mirage, the aggregate o f impulse has the nature o f a hollow plantain, and the aggregate o f consciousness has the nature o f an illusion. Thus, one should k n o w that the essential nature o f the m undane w orld is none other than that of foam, bubbles, mirages, plantains, and illusions; in it there arc neither aggregates n or the names o f aggregates, neither sentient beings n o r the names o f sentient beings, neither the m undane w orld n o r the supram undane world.

T he god Suguna said to the Buddha, “H o w rare, W orld -H o n ored One! ” T h e B uddha said, “ Son o f heaven, is this y our understanding o f M anjusri's miraculous power? As I understand it, if M anjusri wishes, he can gather all the merits and m agnificent attributes o f Buddha-lands as num erous as the sands o f the Ganges and cause them to appear in one Buddha-land. He can w ith one fingertip lift up the Buddha-lands below ours, w hich arc as num erous as the sands o f the Ganges, and put th em in the em pty space on top o f the Buddha-lands above ours, w hich are also as num ero u s as the sands o f the Ganges.

Causes and conditions are em pty in essence, For they lack a self w hich acts. ” W hen the magician had heard this, he achieved the Realization o f C o m ­ pliance w ith the D harm a T ruth. Also, five thousand sentient beings b ro u g h t forth supreme bodhicitta,14 and tw o hundred Bodhisattvas reached the Realization o f the N'onarising o f D harm as. ” A t the request of the assembly, the Tathagata caused that teaching site to remain well adorned for a full seven days. O n M a y a a n d M ira cle s 16 T hen the Tathagata, surrounded rcspcctfully by the m onks, great Bodhisattvas ,gods, dragons, yaksas, gandharvas, and so forth, returned to M o u n t G rdh­ rakuta to teach the D h arm a to the assembly.

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