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A guide to the Dead Sea scrolls and related literature by Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J.

By Joseph A. Fitzmyer S.J.

Process of abbreviations used for th lifeless Sea Scrolls -- lifeless Sea Scrolls: significant courses -- Bibliographies of the lifeless Sea Scrolls -- Survey experiences of the invention of the Scrolls and their contents -- record of the useless Sea Scrolls and fragments -- Concordances, dictionaries, grammars, and so on. for the examine of the lifeless Sea Scrolls -- Secondary collections of Qumran texts -- Translations of the lifeless Sea Scrolls in collections -- Outlines of a few Qumran texts

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Blank Its interpretation [con]cerns the leaders of the Kittim, 11 who on the advice of a house of guilty [people] go by, one 12 before the other. [Their] leaders, [o]ne after another, will come 13 to raze the ea[rth. Hab 1:11 And] this one [has made] his might his God. 14 Its interpretation [… al]l the nations 15 […] 16 [… Hab 1:12-13a Are you not] 17 [from of old, yhwh my holy God. We will not die. yhwh,] Col. v 1 you have appointed him to judge; Rock, you have installed him to rebuke him. Your eyes are too pure 2 to look at evil, you can not stare at calamity.

5‬קודם מרה עלמא ‪[…]…[…] 6 vacat‬‬ ‫‪vacat‬‬ ‫‪26‬‬ 1Q19 + 1Q19bis, 1Q20 Frag. 2 1 [… Holy One]s of the hea[ven …] 2 [… saying: Present] our [ca]se to [the Most High …] 3 […] and not under you […] 4 [… Rapha]el and Gabriel […] 5 [… Lord] of Lords and Migh[ty One of Mighty Ones …] 6 […] of the centuries […] Frag. 3 1 […] … […] 2 […] … were aston[ished …] 3 [… (not like the children of men) the fir]st-born is born, but the glorious ones […] 4 […] his father, and when Lamech saw […] 5 […] the chambers of the house like the beams of the sun […] 6 […] to frighten the […] 7 […] … […] Frag.

Blank 3 […] … and those who have been wiped out and those who have fallen, bereft and … 4 […] and now, look, I have oppressed the prisoners 5 […] … 6 […] Blank 7 […] the Great [H]oly One 8 […] … all 9-10 […] … Frag. 1 col. ii 1-2 … […] 3 day of […] 4 all … […] 5 … […] 6 land of … […] 7 the deed which … […] 8 and the evil for … […] Frag. 2 1 […] … 2 […] … and they were struck from behind … 3 […] Blank 4 […] … […] 5 […] in front of the Lord of the Universe. Blank. 6 […] … […] 27 ‫‪1QapGen ar I-II‬‬ ‫‪1QapGen ar 1QGenesis Apocryphon‬‬ ‫‪N.

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