A Christianity Worth Believing: Hope-filled, Open-armed, by Doug Pagitt

By Doug Pagitt

A Christianity worthy Believing bargains an enticing, 'come-with-me-on-a-journey-of-exploring-the-possibilities' method of what it ability to be a follower of Jesus in our day. Written by means of Doug Pagitt?a best voice within the Emergent conversation—this fantastically written ebook weaves jointly theological reflections, Christian background, and his personal tale of religion transformation. Pagitt invitations readers to keep on with him as he tells the tale of his un-churched adolescence, his life-altering conversion at age sixteen, his severe involvement within the church, and his growing to be feel of unease with the model of Christianity he used to be dwelling. On web page after web page, Pagitt lays out his trip towards an real, passionate expression of a religion that feels alive, sustainable, and significant.

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I mean, when a sixteen-year-old guy hears there’s a play about passion going on downtown, well, let ’s just say I wasn’t expecting it to be about Jesus. I agreed to go, and on Friday night, April 1, 1983, we hopped in my car, cranked up the John Lennon, and headed downtown. We settled into the front row of the balcony of an old theater that had been turned into a church. indd 15 3/25/08 4:30:24 PM A Christianity Worth Believing people. The worn velvet seat creaked as I peered over the balcony railing to the stage below.

God existed apart from humanity in a state of divine purity. God’s perfection had to be timeless, and therefore God must exist outside of time. God, then, was the best we could imagine, the Ultimate. Aristotle took Plato’s ideas and applied them to the issue of change; it was from his thinking that God became known as the Unmoved Mover. Aristotle argued that there must be some initiating force in the universe that is not in itself affected by other forces. That meant that God was totally insulated from outside knowledge, for God needed nothing.

D. 50), a Jewish thinker who lived about the same time as Jesus, tried to tell the Jewish story using the Greek language. This effort led him into some linguistic troubles. For example, he explained the story of the Old Testament in Greek terms. But the Greek language didn’t have a way of explaining God as the intimate creator—that kind of language simply wasn’t used for God. So Philo proposed the image of God as the ultimate gardener or architect—a bit removed, yet still the master over the earth.

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